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February 21st 1975 50 degrees outside was the high when I opened up my eyes and let out my first cry pray to God this world let this lil black boy survive he just wanna make some music that inspire you while you drive at the job, push you from that 4 o'clock to 5 It’s amazing how tempus fugit, time flies I was just watching Tempest Bledsoe, and The Cos I had a plan, but got punched in the mouth Mike was right, a left uppercut from life not Jennings penning wrongs I could easily right(write) sometimes wishing I could go peacefully in the night but that would be the sucka route pull out the Hammer rather "Turn This Muphuka Out" "we gotta pray just to make it today", see sometimes I talk to God cause the more I talk to people, the more I like my dog cause he just tryna show his master love drinkin beers I was fartin at the gastropub yeah, see they can laugh at my social gaffe knowin that them folks can’t hold a note in my vocal class somethings wrong whicha mental it’s fundamental you lackin proper guidance that’s parental as a kid I wanted to be champ intercontinental y'all don’t know the violence it took to become this gentle It’s dead silence when I'm lurking man the bugs stop buzzing man the birds stop chirping when death is in the air I can feel it I can wait for it to die or I can swoop down and kill it like watching vultures eating roadkill I got no chill, I try like Angela Bofill you gone learn what the real bout they try to copy but what I do but it's outside they’re wheelhouse outside they comfort zone give up on this rappin fam just go be a factory man with no back up plan but for me and my team we ain’t quittin I’m seeing too many memes that say this muphuka spittin that’s cause you know I don’t play son is your attitude gonna be one day? or is it day one? that’s what I do with every beat I’ma burn it I’ma funk it all up to be damned and then return it throwin dollars on the dash Bubba Wallace on the gas I was young, used to love watching the Dukes of Haz till I learned about that flag on that car I was mad like dag Bo and Luke my dudes y'all did me bad love naps but stay woke cause when you least expect they run the okey doke on my folk it’s no joke be smart stay sharp test yaself if need be I do it too person, woman ,man, camera, TV Copyright: Whitmore Skillz Music (2020)
Verse 1: Mirage the Gr8 I'm lookin at old photos, thinking how I dressed like Trayvon my potna sold dope I cut lawns I was a student athlete with a thing for poems I went to class faithfully but the shit was boring, of course I never learned much about my own until I got grown, and went out and learned on my own we all stuck, tryna find a way to eat get it from a job, or from the concrete the police were created to protect the wealthy so to a poor minority the police ain't healthy of course it ain't all, but I will say most police got a fucked up view of my folk so that peace thing is probably a no go they got me feeling like that PE logo it's simple, either you're moving or you're standing still you live in fantasy, or you keep it trill a time to destroy, and a time to build tryna acquire assets more than a mil then provide a way for my folk to do the same anything other than that is quite lame Verse 2: Terrence Wood I'm from a place where they quick to pull the hammer from they waist put it to ya face and rock you like Alabama Shakes "Hold On", can’t say I’m proud I feel more disgrace embarrassment and shame disparagement and disdain they teach about the slave part, leave out the king part Not Martin Luther talkin bout when we was rulers self taught from the music we ain’t have no computers work from home and still late to work, telecommuter creatives are never bored, introverts are never lovely been quarantining for years I’m good over here homie but I think about them kids that face abuse at the crib and school was they safe place before the Co-vid wish I could save’em all, tak’em to run ball even though I got no game, anything to ease to pain cause them children is a blessing they taught me so many lessons and they don’t want no presents, they just want you to be present and I don’t care if somebody ain’t do you right sometimes a broken heart can fuck around and fix your sight have you focus on your vision board like, damn I’m aiight accomplished everything I thought I would and more cause when I write you know the... Copyright: Whitmore Skillz Music 2020
Write Time 03:27
I'm just a curator of ill data compile it in a file and call it style originator might not know it now you probably learn about it later when ya biggest fan a stranger but ya friends ya biggest haters oh that’s ya man, that’s ya fam what’s his plan? extend his hand to build bridges no he tryna build dams never know on the low they finessin with the floss make you show the difference tween the workers and the boss gotta separate myself from you dummies at all cost you type to probably write I’m sorry for your lost when somebody dies please get to steppin' cause I gotta lotta family up in heaven that I’m reppin' stay ready I be preppin' like it's bout to get violent the fools multiply when wise men stay silent do the math I add on then divide and lift the bar the beat punch hard it feels like the fist of God I’m just tryna turn ya ego off and turn on ya soul I capture it in pieces then present it as a whole pie chart displaying all my challenges and goals write scrolls to put holes in the haters and the trolls hook: Day time, night time, it hit different when you hear it at the right (write) time maybe a moment when you weren't up in your right mind music hit different when you hear it at the right (write) time summer time,winter time, take you back to a way more simple time fell in love and thought it last till the end of time music hit different when you hear it at the right (write) time I’m uncertain, working on time that’s borrowed so either way I’ma seize the day tomorrow professional procrastinator had plans to do more and all you haters get pushed down the moon door get yourselff an aggregator get on Tune Core build ya buzz might see you on a June tour each songs a audiobook so you can hear the glory cause when you're hard to read people write they own story hell let’em tell it ain’t gone stop you from living try paying your bills with them other peoples opinion I love being oblivious to haters and my foes shorty she could walk up and kiss me on my nose couldn’t pick her out a line up my heads in the cumulus dancing with my kids, basking in their youthfulness 5 star meal with amenities sitting at a table prepped for me in the presence of my enemies let’em watch hatin every drop as I pour it Wit a thick jawn that shop up in Torrid I’m all for it view distorted, can’t see the trees for the forest I mean the forest for the trees drop the chorus then I breeze Copyright: Whitmore Skillz Music 2020
The Rush 03:30
I need my beat to rumble like thunder when it come on too smart to mumble yet ignorant enough to dumb on son come on, this jawn ain’t no lay back in ya Maybach this is man cave rap escaped slave rap the Big Payback like James and them this what happen to your rappin when you came up off Kane and them they want the life, the hot wife, the ice, bright lights I just wanna be twice as nice and own the license rights they more Billy D, bul I’m more like Willie D rep Austin still I be tossing up that Philly P Y'all be killing me y'all do it to get lit up I'm just tryna see what’s gonna happen if I don’t give up this an experiment I’m charting all my findings use me as a benchmark before you start your grinding when it comes to shining I got standards and requirements commandments and assignments for advancements in rhyming bul reach in the quiver launch a arrow at y'all have ya wall look like it’s covered up in Farrow and Ball all red I be scalpin your head like Chickasaw till I’m sick of y'all get familiar with the bul I been this raw Hook: They don't do it for the same reason as us and that’s cool please don’t confuse the two man I do it for the rush ain’t a whole lot to discuss I don’t do it for no girls or no crush man I do it for the rush they need they jewels all lush and they car all plush that ain’t us, man I do it for the rush ain't a feeling you can touch It’s my art like a paint it with a brush man I do it for the rush My music I make it for me it ain't really for you I mean you like it, wanna sing it wanna recite it, yeah that’s cool I put the songs out if they grow legs I let’em walk let’em go bet this flow’ll trot the globe like Meadowlark talking bout your metal spark, smoking too much marijuana so high, probably think you're from Zamunda or Wakanda In a genre of prima donna's no sense on the mic the type to use your whole fist to hold a pencil to write man, offensive I’m quite, I been told that bul I’m just a cold cat raised off M.O.P nigga hold dat my journey ain't on no GPS, ain’t no road map hottest in your city that’s pity where ya goals at? the world's bigger than ya block, get a passport learn some other cultures hit the ground get a crash course I don’t do no backpack rap ain’t no Jansport I pen it make a tenant transform into a landlord never too late success ain't got no office hours claim my spot like a dog we be marking ours while your people still here man offer flowers let’em smell’em gotta tell’em before they call for showers Copyright: Whitmore Skillz Music 2021
Verse 1: Terrence Wood They say T where you been? we ain't rap in a minute I ain't online all the time my life I actually live it I'm with the wife and kids off the grid but occasionally I breeze through your block and I chop off a head roll it through your front door just as a reminder keep you on your toes for those who dose in their recliner heaven knows God designed one hell of a rhymer creeping in the background but I ain't tryna photo bomb ya I'm a Undergrinder for more, hustle goals full of soul sounds like I record at Muscle Shoals dirty southern grittiness, mixed with that Philly spitta ignorance sorry killa this ain't on your syllabus this is ad hoc a deviation for the have-nots it sounds like sasquatch stomping down a back block I had a choice that could hoist me out the ghetto and my old head told me be the voice not the echo Hook: Let's stomp these dudes put the pressure on fools they be taking up space dog all in the way count back to one I been raw since the day c'mon stomp these dudes wit ya bul, what I say Verse 2: C. Raine They like Raine where you been at? feeling like Pacino try to leave they pull me back in I never get to relax never get to recline so I give'em what they want fuck it whether the rhymes or the clothing line they gonna love it I been about mine never understood gimmick you need it I got you I supply you man that's good business fuck that back and forth nigga we ain't playin tennis my rep is tremendous man these haters can't bear to witness you's a fake it till you make it type muphuka everyday we celebratin' out this muphuka we don't ask so we take it from a muphuka bout to get stomped Kirk Franklin out this muphuka man these niggas can't get what I got you think I'm playin' HLF to the socks man is you coppin' or not? clear my lane on my way to the top you in the way you get stomped out the box muphuka Verse 3: Terrence Wood See they give it automatic I don't ask for respect this ain't a album it's a passion project never did it for the money still I'm cashing my checks from BMI and that ain't body mass index but they fat no pun intended but I'm a Big Pun descendent of lyricism hear a rhythm and bend it to your liking, look at the graph and see where you're spiking then a sharp decline so that's time to market mine to the mass talk trash come around you get Hulk smashed rap like I'm blood drunk with rage on a warpath you talking show money do a little more math I need fasho money guarantees all cash and for that you know results are cataclysmic you should witness this prolific rapping at a distance safety first say this verse will only make it worse feeling like the ground is shaking standing on some quaking earth Copyright: Whitmore Skillz Music
By Your Side 03:07
Verse 1: When everybody else was gone in the wind you was there dancing with me like the song never end they was all about to bounce you finna just settle in a fair weather better friend that was somethin bout you can’t quite put my finger on it must be a water sign so creative in the moment I’m alone never lonely you my homie ride or die always told me you be never far from me only a song away put on my headphones in a zone press play stormy weather all a sudden it’s a better day sun start shining when I’m if i was in a bad mood you change my attitude life of the party first one to get it started hold you sacred in my heart feeling like I gotta guard it know that if we ever parted Hip hop you the love of my life it’s been said by others I’m tryna shoot my shot just like them other brothers I been crushing on you since I was 13 learning all about you just so I can be and all of sudden all your friends is my friends we got you in common cause of you we started rhymin making songs and relationships that last life long you the glue that makes the bond strong they call me Side but you still call me Terrence I was broke still had me looking fly off of clearance said it’s not about the things it’s more about the experience turn it up so you can hear it cause I’m late night parties early morning house cleaning cruisin running errands seat back gangsta leaning whether in the bar or iron horse hopping car to car everywhere I go there you are Hook: It’s kinda crazy when you think you growing out of it It’s still here unconditional you gotta love people come and go but hip hop you never strayed always been there for me always stayed Verse 2: See I’ma recluse at times out of sight out of mind Hip hop brought me up out my box so I could shine used to be a introvert wanted to be left alone like we can hang just separately in our own home them feelings is long gone you changed my whole outlook being on stage spittin rhymes shoutin out hooks It’s a high you gotta experience to describe just know I failed more times than beginners ever tried when they bouncing out chuckin' up the deuces you my day wizzy right there no excuses always in my ear like my conscious so loud still I hear through the nonsense when you when I was in school and full time employed tryna acquire some materialistic toys to enjoy you was right there through it all if I ever fall Told me Copyright: Whitmore Skillz Music 2020
Anything 02:31
Verse 1: I'd be lying if I said I wasn’t doing this for dollars ever since Killmonger was Little Wallace working the pit in the shadow lurking ‘n shit make my rounds in this underground circuit to spit and take a chance now I’m flickin' posing in the winners stance sorry bout ya mans he wasn’t even in my dinner plans got ate up quicker than a record label advance my music sounds like a pair of dirty Timberlands one glance and get banned off of Instagram too offensive frame it up for your night stand this is all Terrence fam no hype man scram before you end up in Big Sean’s white van I’m only here to do damage when I pen it each lyric got a unfair advantage on a critic I drain the pool dry on you cannon, No Limit you would think Dorothy Dandridge stuck her toe in it no racism no hatin' on my folks no cosigns no waitin' on the goats they say a rising tide comes and lifts all the boats And even if it don’t, know my quotes still gonna float Verse: 2 My shows packed from front rows to nosebleeds don’t need no running start to build up some damn speed my momentum is something you can’t exceed when I’m done the place look like a Bunkhouse stampede counting cash, my profits of rage place all smashed chairs thrown on the stage might wanna burn some sweet grass and some sage and purify the air before you further engage cleanse the energy, bring ya harlot, I leave her gave her the Dick test and I ain’t talkin' Scarlet Fever I be the same 'cat' that 'dog' ya 'chickens' 'beaver' Animal rap, black Labrador Retriever sorry, my iidiosyncrasies a lil quirky you might be more talented but could never outwork me it don’t matter the labor great or small you gotta do it well or you don’t do it at all heard that from Quincy Jones, Thriller, Off the Wall Motown 25 moonwalking down the hall they want the record deal I want the licensing deal gotta own the master rights, the likeness, and the feel Copyright: Whitmore Skillz Music 2020
Night Flight 03:05
Verse 1: They say you born broke it's not your fault, you die broke it is what's your excuse get on your grizz, get biz can't blame nobody else your shortcomings ain't his take some ownership dig, homie get it how you live the music rugged, if you like it then I love it I'm just a dad tryna live within a budget squeeze a hug before my kids to big to want it yahmean bul, I'm tryna keep it a bean with you, a hundred but truth is I probably need it more than they do nothings free, people value it more when they gotta pay you it come with money back guarantees that I'ma slay you run that Philly Special on you anytime we play you then celebrate like it's Cinco De Mayo you dig what I ink, we in sync, the link in the bio it's end-user friendly, plug and play blame it on my ignorance I don't know no other way my catalog's a collectors item, a goldmine grimey analog, effective writing with cold lines I give you no shine, sometimes you gotta be disrespectful to show you've been respectful the whole time Hook: It's just a vibe dog you need to know that I came all this way I can't go back get familiar with the bul I hope you learnin' me Night Flight wrote it on my way to Germany Verse 2: You see me crying cause my childhood heroes are dying rest in peace to Sean Price, Prodigy and Phife the list goes on it's like the cycle of life but their music basically raised the way I approach the mic I invent then repurpose the content feel like I started yesterday, don't know where the time went flow so clean it leaves behind a pine scent have your mind bent look close read the fine print I grow wings when I leap off the cliff I'd rather have a oops than a what if? in other words I'd rather make mistakes instead of wasting away my gifts while you worried bout some management that's taking away your shift (shit) I'd probably die on a treadmill like Will Smith before I pop molly blue or red pill take your pick the last shirt you wear got no pockets on that bitch can't take nothing with you when they drop you in that pit silent partner I communicate with gestures then paint pictures with different tones and textures this is just me dog ain't no extras I'm nice, but my flow mean like Mo'Nique in Precious Hook: It's just a vibe dog you need to know that I came all this way I can't go back get familiar with the bul I hope you learnin' me Night Flight wrote it on my way to Germany outro: I love when the words fall out the sky I catch'em then I turn'em into something fly I'm just doin' me, chillin', tryna live it up self-care I can't pour from no empty cup Copyright: Whitmore Skillz Music
Verse 1: Terrence Wood I’m not a great communicator but I communicate great things Surround myself with intelligent queens and great kings They told me think first If they willing to give a million imagine how much you must be really worth I’m from Philly first, then drove a Lexus down to Texas Then a BMW up to the PNW Thinking how 2020 was a mother, lost my father, couldn’t handle it had to escalate to upper management And pray about it them rainy days ain’t gonna last every sinner got a future, every saint got a past tryna carve a new path while remaining on my humble jawn can’t have my kids walking on the same rocks I stumbled on I quit so many jobs that it’s disgusting just cause I believed that I’d make something outta nothing just wanna make a record, get respected for a crazy flow and have y'all give me credit no debt to income ratio just tryna add some balance in my writing caught between God and gangsta rap like Michael Eric Dyson might have to change my name - Jennifer Bynum If you flashy you creating resentment? or you inspiring? Verse 2: D-Russ Lyrically I'm a tyrant, violent with this pen I grip your chin can't slip this southpaw switch, I'll hit you with the grippa clips you're a sinking ship, a Titanic, you're panicking I'm handling beats and mandolins, Christopher Wallace channeling (baby-baby) challengers dodge me oddly enough I can't be missed I'm equipped with the iron fists, no ironing out our differences I insist, picture us punching a time clock for a 9 to 5 the devil is a lie, I'm right by Side Effect's side we coincide down in these beats, vocals reside down in the creases D-Russ keep ripping up features putting these starters in the bleachers I'm creature, I know you thought you had it made Nas said, Hip Hop was dead that bitch rolled over in her grave the evidence of things unseen I know you never saw this coming I was summoned, cause I'm money I'm that feeling, in your tummy no self-respect or dignity, your manhood in question no pressure, this is easy like a Sunday morning Bible lesson I see you sweatin' bet that heart rate is increasing your situations bleak as your testosterone releases this is for my five girls and my wife if you ever disrespect I said I lay you rest I'm nice D-Russ Copyright: Whitmore Skillz Music(BMI) 2021
Hook: Ayo we talk that shit rap like nobody out there can mess wit nothing you can say can compare to our clique We air’em out quick be aware we Spit Flair get prepared we so sick Verse 1: Terrence Wood Ayo slick slang talker big beat bang harder what I learned from the ave, trust you ain't heard the half wholeheartedly ill artistry I majored in with inextinguishable sparks that's unwavering I bathed it in Au jus for extra flavoring just so you know who when I raise the pen bets are wagering for whose styles greatest out buying 'bitches brew' and I ain't talkin' Miles Davis shoes are made from the backs of alligators used to be my biggest supporters and now they haters asked God to help me understand the trends said protect me from my enemies I started losing friends imagine that, I know I’m a gorilla that spout some of the illest shit without a scintilla of doubt so when you walkin' through, hope you understand who you talkin' to (You talkin to)Side Effect, M.Ski dog I thought you knew Hook: Ayo we talk that shit rap like nobody out there can mess wit nothing you can say can compare to our clique We air’em out quick be aware we Spit Flair get prepared we so sick Verse 2: Mista M.Ski You know who that does you know what I be the number one pick, for spittin' that shit I lock and load and start bombing on you in the trenches I'm a monster I'm Ndamukong Suh perfect ten but every now and again people stop me on the street and ask where you been? well shit, M.Ski been training like Mr. T doing pull ups on a pipe in the basement on Rocky 3 till I got a email from my cuz and said it's time to get back to doing what we does M.Ski and Side, Spit Flair what they call'em come through slay all'em, smelling like New Harlem and when we link up, these rap dudes is goners we had the shit on smash since we was living round the corner but now the rep stretches from Philly straight down to Texas but even through the distance Drop Squad be the freshest Hook: Ayo we talk that shit rap like nobody out there can mess wit nothing you can say can compare to our clique We air’em out quick be aware we Spit Flair get prepared we so sick Verse 3: Terrence Wood and Mista M.Ski Homie please do ya thang, just not in our lane we run up on wack rappers, play the knock out game Hit ya first we front like everything good wit ya then you end up head first in the wood chipper I can feel love or I can spill blood You test I eat ya flesh like the krokodil drug This ain't Tom Ford, this is crack mayor Rob Ford dope shit make a fiend rob for it the two illest cats walking the planet absurd they way we working these words gotdammit it's M.Ski and Side please step to the side and make room you mofos the Drop Squad has arrived and everything we do is nothing less than fresh you test I kick a foot wide hole in your chest cause that man is like Batman you ain't prepared cause I hit rappers and make words appear in the air like Poooooow!!! Hook: Ayo we talk that shit rap like nobody out there can mess wit nothing you can say can compare to our clique We air’em out quick be aware we Spit Flair get prepared we so sick Copyright: Whitmore Skillz Music 2020
The Mountain 03:37
Verse 1: I don’t make records for radios and clubs I make bangers with crazy lows for subs It’s like drugs I slang over the organ nothing but oldheads in my gang like Duke Morgan What’s Happening? I’m rappin in my bedroom recording scratchin wax with idle hands, it happened out of boredom mixed and sort’em on a hard drive and stored’em left’em for dead post one now they postmordem (more them) some call me Terrence, some call me Side It don’t apply to the rest if they don’t comply my years 'added up' and blessings start to 'multiply' don’t get 'subtracted' out the faction tryna cause 'divide' It’s Mathematics Mos Definitely, music sound menacing beat deafening, sounds like a day of reckoning meant to intimidate any second string fledgling who ain't old enough to catch everything I’m referencing they unequipped, even when I brag I’m on my humble shit guess it don’t matter what you saying if you mumble it took the time to write it down instead you need to crumble it I wonder who tied your shoes for you cause you dumb as shit Hook: I’ma keep pushin' Dancin' and movin' like they ain’t lookin' Even though I know they are, yeah the loves bizarre keep adding up the numbers I ain’t even countin' I see you running while I’m walking on down the mountain Verse 2: I’m tryna hit’em like that Melle Mel Beat Street second verse prophetic with it gotta listen to the record first don’t be a slave to no computer he was saying then He ain’t waste a pen it still apply to the days we in tryna roll a pair of dice and get to paradise it’s all a gamble when ya ice look like Vegas lights them young buls they ain’t tryna hear ya pain and strife teeth shining while you talk you coming off that chain tonight in the Wraith like they studying astronomy make thugs discharge them slugs dishonorably dude deliver food and do uber gig economy can’t compare or share the same air no synonymy tryna be a motivation with your gadgets and gizmos make’em pull out the big nose ratchet and grip those busy talkin bout all your plans, leave’em out cause they over here killing everything you're dreaming bout forget the truth the lie is more entertaining people crappy and they hating everything that make you happy call the Barbecue Becky and the Permit Patty They be blowing out your fire before you roll up ya fatty Hook: I’ma keep pushin' Dancin' and movin' like they ain’t lookin' Even though I know they are, yeah the loves bizarre keep adding up the numbers I ain’t even countin' I see you running while I’m walking on down the mountain Copyright: Whitmore Skillz Music 2020


released February 21, 2021


all rights reserved



Terrence Wood Austin, Texas

Terrence Wood
aka Side Effect

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